Company History


The company is founded by Master Shipwright Johann Gottfried Schinke, then taken over by his son Gustav Schinke. The company produces barges.

1940 Ernst Liebich acquires the company. The company’s range now also includes motorized cargo ships and prams for the German Wehrmacht as well as ship repair.  
1950 The company is turned into a KG (limited partnership business entity); its range is expanded to include the production of containers.  
1957 Government involvement is imposed on the enterprise.  
1960 The company profile changes considerably with the production of technical watercraft such as suction dredgers and floating bucket-chain dredgers.  
1965 Merger with Firma J.C. Ritter (Schiffswerft Königstein), which results in the company Vereinigte Stahl und Schiffsbau Oberelbe Königstein.  
1972 Nationalized and renamed the VEB Schiffswerft Oberelbe.  
1979 bis 1984

Complete reconstruction of the shipyard in Bad Schandau.

1981 bis 1989 Further development and distribution of the floating grab dredger from the yacht shipyard Eisenhüttenstadt, which has a grab volume of 2.6 m³. Besides monitoring boats 12 meters in length, the company develops, designs and builds their own, patented SWO type floating conveyor system starting in 1981. Also, a diesel-electric powered bucket-chain dredger is designed and built, primarily for use in flood control on smaller rivers.  
1989 bis 1990 The enterprise is taken over by the Treuhand agency.  
1991 The company is purchased by W. Rohr Otterstadt and produces components for dredgers, bucket-chain dredgers and floating conveyor systems.  
2001 Bankruptcy of the company Bleichert & Rohr.  
2002 Takeover by BEYER GmbH, Viernheim, which produces extraction equipment for sand and gravel.

Introduction of 3D CAD construction.