Ihr Spezialist für Schwimmbandanlagen &
Fördertechnik für den Anlagenbau

Bucket elevators and steep angle conveyors


Bucket elevator

Our bucket elevators are vertical conveyors for feeding tower and silo plants with minimal space.

For transmission, a rubber belt with a textile inlay is used. The buckets made of steel plate with reinforced borders are screwed on the transmission belt.

The feeding of bucket elevators takes place by a feeding belt conveyor, as well as the distribution at the discharge area.

The bucket elevator is designed as a single or double shaft version.

The capacity is between 50 and 500 t/h.

Steep angle conveyor

Our steep angle conveyors are made for the continous transport of bulk material in/from horizontal up to vertical positions with minimal space without additional crossovers.

For transmission, a special rubber belt is used. The rubber belt has waved borders and crosswise bars which form bags (similar to a bucket elevator).

The capacity is between 50 and 500 t/h.