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Floating belt conveyors type SWO


Our floating belt conveyors type SWO (closed catamaran) is developed and patented by us.

They consist of self-floating conveyors with open-plan lengthwise pontoons.

The conveyor belt runs in the middle of both pontoons.

The lengthwise pontoons are also used as gangways with a width of 800 mm with wide footbridges from one floating belt conveyor to the next by stairs (no ladders).

Due to the flat design with a low centre of mass, the floating belt conveyors type SWO has a huge floating stability and low susceptibility to wind.

The coupling of the conveyors is done by a cardan joint and free of torque moment.

The angle movement between two floating belt conveyors and between the floating dredger and the first floating belt conveyor is ± 100 degrees measured from the longitudinal axle.

The floating belt conveyors type SWO are available in following lengths:

22 m, 28 m, 34 m, 40 m, 46 m, 52 m