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Floating belt conveyors type ponton


The floating belt conveyors type pontoon consist of a pontoon and a frame bridge. The end of the frame bridge is mounted on the next floating belt conveyor. Therefore the conveyors are not self-floating.

The drive station (head) is mounted on a trestle with a slewing ring, the tensioning station (tail) is beared movable on the trestle.

The coupling of the floating belt conveyors is not free of torque moment.

The angle movement between two floating belt conveyors is ± 130 degrees measured from the longitudinal axle. The first conveyor after the floating dredger is guyed (angle movement ± 10 degrees).

In comparison to the other types of floating belt conveyors, the type pontoon has a higher center of mass an is therefore more susceptible to wind.

The floating belt conveyors type pontoon is available in followng lengths:

20 m, 25 m, 30 m, 40 m, 50 m